Sport Speed/Movement for Coaches Workshop

This is a 3 hour workshop for coaches of all team sports (Rugby, Football, Hockey, Netball) to learn how to develop the Speed and general Athleticism of players.

Areas Covered By This Workshop

1. Acceleration
How a player should project their COM in multiple directions in order to Accelerate efficiently off both feet.

2. Max Velocity
How to apply force underneath the hips, keep the ankle dorsiflexed and use the arms to maximise speed.

3. Change of Direction
How to apply force outside the COM and lean towards the intended direction of travel when changing direction.

4. Jumping
How to correctly jump and land with both a 1 foot and 2 foot take off. Practical application for headers in football, catching in netball and rugby.

5. Throwing
How to correctly throw with 1 and 2 hands from both balanced and unbalanced positions. Practical application for Netball and Rugby passing.

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