At Rapid Running we believe that EVERY sportsperson has the ability to run faster and to move better.

Whether you play a team sport like rugby and football or are a sprinter, the fundamentals don’t really change, they’re just applied slightly differently. We develop the athlete first and then focus on sport specific movement.

Everyone we coach will Run and Skip forwards and backwards, learn how to control their COM when trying to Accelerate, Change direction or run at Top Speed. These skills are generic and need to be learnt before trying to apply them to a sport.

Being able to run faster and more efficiently also decreases energy expenditure and the chance of injury.

3 SPEED Misconceptions by Team Sport Coaches.

DO NOT run on your toes!!
Biggest mistake and the one that will actively make your players run SLOWER. Try get them to land on the front part of the foot, not the toes. Dorsiflexion not Plantarflexion of the ankle is required.

DO NOT keep your arms locked at 90 degrees.
The arms should extend at the elbow as the opposite foot hits the ground in a natural manner. Keeping the arms locked at 90 degrees creates muscle tension in the upper body and therefore impacts Rhythm and Speed negatively.

DO NOT just coach acceleration.
Yes, most sprinting movements in Rugby, Football, Hockey, Netball and most other invasion games are less than 15m BUT if you work on Top Speed Running (30m-50m) this will have a positive effect on your Acceleration. Run at your fastest Speed to Accelerate Faster. Simple.

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